Rental Procedures, Safety and Rules

We do not include Attendants or Ride Operators to run equipment with standard reservations. You will be required to provide adult supervision of all bouncers, slides, obstacles and interactives while they are inflated and in use. If an attendant is needed, please call A&T's House of Bounce Inc. prior to your party day so that one can be provided for an additional fee.

We offer Easy, Stress Fee Payments and Cancellations
Simply click "ADD TO CART" on all the party rental equipment you would like to have at your event. Once you are done shopping, you can click checkout and follow our easy online ordering process to secure your rental. Upon checkout you will be required to leave a $50 Non Refundable Deposit. You can cancel your event up until the day before your party and we will Issue you a raincheck for the full amount paid. Once the truck is loaded and ready for delivery, if you choose to cancel, you will lose your deposit. Once the truck leaves our warehouse, you will be responsible for 100% of the rental if you choose to cancel for any reason.

In the event of Inclement Weather including heavy rain, strong winds or temperatures below 40 degrees, we reserve the right to cancel your party and refund your payment in full. Please see our Rain Policy page for more details.

Several days before your event, the system will send out a payment reminder asking If you would like to pay your balance in full. If using your credit card to pay the final balance, It is recommended to use this option. We only take CASH on Delivery Day. Our team does not carry change, therefore we ask to have the exact amount ready for payment. If you must use a credit card on delivery, a 5% Convenience fee will be added to your order.

Inflatable Set Up Requirements
We Supply all the labor and accessories needed to install the Inflatable.

Inflatables and Tents are very large and require a big area for set up. Please refer to the product description for the required space needed for each unit. The location must be relatively flat and easily accessible with no delivery obstructions such as stairs or retaining walls. Our larger inflatables are almost 5' wide and require a minimum of a 6' path to access the area. Some of our largest inflatables will require direct access with the delivery truck. Please make sure there are no overhead lines, low lying tree branches or underground utilities. Some of our inflatables can be set up on concrete or inside for an additional charge. Please call the office if you have any questions to discuss your options.

We Supply up to 50' of cord with each inflatable. If you do not have a dedicated 20 Amp Power source within 50' of the Inflatable, you will need to provide a generator. Due to the power requirements of our blowers, it is unsafe to add extension cords. A generator can be provided for an additional charge. To learn more, please read our Power Requirement page under the customer service tab.

Please do not cut your lawn on delivery day. The cut grass clippings and the green sap that is left on the surface of your lawn can possibly stain our equipment. We do tarp but it is impossible to control freshly cut grass from getting all over our equipment. It is always best to have your lawn a little long during an event, allowing it to recover quicker from the constant traffic at the exit and entrances of the bounce house. Cutting your lawn after the bouncer is delivered and set up is strictly prohibited for obvious reasons.

All Lawn Sprinkler Systems must be deactivated prior to setting up the inflatables or tents.

The Area must be free of Pet Droppings, Leaves, Gravel, Rocks, Sticks and other debris that could damage the equipment.

The Renter must be present at the time of drop off to go over all safety procedures and sign the contract.

It is strictly prohibited to move the Inflatable or tent once it is installed at your site.

Payment is required in full at the time of delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS!
General Safety Rules
All Inflatables require adult supervision while the unit is inflated and in use. At NO TIME should the unit be left unattended. If the unit can not be supervised, it must be deflated until someone can be provided to oversee all safety requirements.

Attendant MUST Read, Understand and adhere to the Safety Plaque and operation info posted on the front of the inflatable.

Attendant MUST pay attention NOT to Exceed the Maximum amount of Riders or Occupents.

Attendant MUST be alert and pay attention at all times

Riders MUST be properly dressed and have socks on to avoid skin burn.

Riders Must not exceed Minimum or Maximum Height, Weight and Maximum Number of Riders on the Safety Plaque.

Absolutely No one with a physical disability or impairment should be using the inflatable. Anyone who is pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs should also not be using the inflatable.

No Food, Gum, Drinks, Pets, Glitter, Silly String or Sharp objects are allowed in, on or near the Inflatable. All Jewelry, Keys, Glasses and Fashion Accessories must be removed prior to entry. You will be responsible for any damage incurred.

Riders MUST not use the equipment during inclement weather such as Heavy Rain, High Winds or Temperatures below 40 degrees.

Riders should be sliding in the proper manner as outlined on the Safety Plaque, Feet First. Absolutely No Jumping from the top of the slide or climbing Up from the bottom of the slide.

Absolutely No riders Can remain in the splash pool at the bottom of the slide while other people use the slide.

Riders are not allowed to jump against, climb or play against the netting or side walls of the Inflatable.

Absolutely no sitting or laying down in the Inflatable.

Riders should not be playing near the entrance, on the entry ramp or on the outside of the inflatable.

Absolutely no rough play, wrestling or horseplay in or on the inflatable.
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